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How to Survive a Business Interruption

While all business owners want their enterprises to be both productive and profitable, you may not have considered the costs associated with a business interruption. Your business interruption coverage can be added to your property insurance and this form of insurance is critical in keeping your business fully protected. It is impossible to predict every eventuality, particularly the damage incurred when a heavy storm or other disaster... Read Article

Cargo Theft: A Very Real Threat to Your Business

Recent years have shown cargo theft cases reaching an all-time high, with an average of 79.25 cargo thefts occurring every month in the U.S.A., or about 2.6 each day. Thefts of pharmaceuticals rose 50%, and food or drink loads rose 34% in 2013, as reported by FreightWatch. The increasing rate of cargo theft has led the National Insurance Crime Bureau to establish information sharing procedures.... Read Article

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