Anything Can Happen When Your Assets Hit the Open Road

commercial auto insurance

commercial auto insurance

Many businesses own or lease vehicles for deliveries, pick-ups, and a range of other work-related tasks. Your vehicles are valuable assets, and keeping them well-maintained and operational is always important. Beyond keeping your vehicles safe and in good working order, ensure that you have sufficient commercial auto insurance to avoid financial risk.

Once a company vehicle operated by an employee hits the open road, your business is at risk of being held liable if an accident takes place. Get your commercial auto insurance policies reviewed to ensure that you have adequate coverage to fully protect against liability.

At Worldwide Risk Management, Inc. in Portland, Maine, one of our local agents would be happy to review your business insurance policies. Your commercial auto insurance and your business insurance provide crucial protection against losses. Often, new insurance programs and offers come on the market that could bring significant savings, and better coverage.

Every business has different needs, and uses different types of vehicles, be it cars, trucks, SUVs, or vans. Whether you have a few employees or hundreds, operate year-round or seasonally, or only lease vehicles from time to time, your commercial auto insurance and business insurance policy must be customized to fit the enterprise.

Should an employee driving a company vehicle cause an auto accident, your coverage protects you against injury claims or lawsuits filed by injured drivers, passengers, or pedestrians. Every business owner that uses vehicles should have the correct commercial auto insurance to protect against this eventuality.

As a business owner, you want to trust that your employees will operate your company vehicles safely. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Employees have been found to engage in unsafe driving behaviors, from speeding, to distracted driving, and even driving drunk or under the influence of drugs. If your employee has caused an accident, your business can suffer heavy financial losses if your commercial auto insurance limits are too low.

Commercial Auto Insurance: Coverage is a Must.

Building a business is a big undertaking, requiring constant attention, long hours, and dedication. Your business insurances are a necessary part of life – but keeping costs low is also important. Our agents at Worldwide Risk Management, Inc. are here to help you find the lowest rates for the best coverage. As a rule, it is wise to review your company’s coverages on a yearly basis, and we are available to help you.

Contact us at Worldwide Risk Management, Inc. in Portland. Our entire team lives and works locally, and we keep our schedule flexible for meetings with local business owners, both after hours, or on weekends. We know you are busy! Call today for a yearly review of your commercial auto insurance and business insurances, at no cost to you.