Cargo Theft: A Very Real Threat to Your Business

Recent years have shown cargo theft cases reaching an all-time high, with an average of 79.25 cargo thefts occurring every month in the U.S.A., or about 2.6 each day. Thefts of pharmaceuticals rose 50%, and food or drink loads rose 34% in 2013, as reported by FreightWatch. The increasing rate of cargo theft has led the National Insurance Crime Bureau to establish information sharing procedures.... Read Article

Anything Can Happen When Your Assets Hit the Open Road

Many businesses own or lease vehicles for deliveries, pick-ups, and a range of other work-related tasks. Your vehicles are valuable assets, and keeping them well-maintained and operational is always important. Beyond keeping your vehicles safe and in good working order, ensure that you have sufficient commercial auto insurance to avoid financial risk. Once a company vehicle operated by an employee hits the open road, your... Read Article

Commercial Auto Insurance: What is the Best Coverage?

Your company has specific needs for commercial auto insurance coverage. How much coverage should you have in place for liability, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage and medical payments? Your company may rent certain vehicles from time to time, or have employees who use their personal cars or trucks for company business. Regardless of the type of coverage, you need to protect yourself and your business against... Read Article