Foreign Business Auto

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Worldwide Risk Management, Inc. specializes in helping companies of all sizes maintain and satisfy the stringent requirements of conducting business internationally.

Foreign Business Auto Insurance

In their effort to meet environmental compliance and regulatory requirements, companies everywhere are facing a whole new level of risk. That is why Starr Insurance Companies has developed a broad range of flexible and comprehensive liability products for companies like environmental contracting, consulting and waste management facilities. Our experts work with you to address limits of liability that most effectively address your particular risk.

As multinational trade expands and customers demand lightning-fast logistics, commercial transportation has become more vital than ever to today’s economy. Growth, however, also means greater risks, Starr Insurance Companies Auto Liability Coverage offers your business managed exposure to risks associated with the transportation industry.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience means we can design customized programs to minimize exposures and losses as well as duplications and gaps in your company’s coverage.

Foreign Business Auto Highlights

Our strong carrier relationships and industry connections allow us to provide our clients with the lowest rates in the industry. Our products include:

  • $1,000,000 CSL available
  • Liability 7amp; Physical Damanage Coverage
  • Occurrence form
  • Up to $25,000,000 limit available based on class of business
  • The Auto will be written as a supported line to General Liability
  • DOT Form MCS-90 endorsement available based on filing
International Coverage

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